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Join our Rainbow Tribe in one of our fabulously sparkly T-shirts,vest tops, sweatshirts or leggings! 

We are proud to support Tommy's and Women & Children First through the sale of our clothing. Thank you for helping us to raise money for these fantastic charities. 

All of our clothing is really comfy and great for relaxing at home in too.

If there is a style that you would like that currently isn't available in your size please get in touch and we will see if we can get you one.  


ivf positivity planner 


You probably get told lots of times to 'stay positive' that it will happen, but we all know it's not as easy or as simple as that.

Positivity doesn't have to be about putting a smile on your face and telling yourself that you'll definitely get pregnant.

It's about having hope that everything will be alright, hope that you will be happy, whatever your future holds.

It's about having an action plan to help you take control and prioritise your emotional health.

It's about making time for self care, for being kind to yourself and realising what an amazing person you are. Keeping positive about your life in general will make each day that bit brighter and this journey that little bit easier.

The IVF Positivity Planner gives you…

· Coaching questions to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

· Coping strategies and advice on the most common worries that people have.

· 12 weeks, undated journal pages to reflect on the positives from the day, your self care time and actions you plan to take the next day to keep you feeling positive about your life.

· Monthly goal setting on self care and other areas in your life, with regular check ins for support.

· A plan to support and guide you through treatment, with coping tips, space for writing notes in your appointments, knowing your support network and juggling treatment with work.

I know all too well that it can seem difficult to make changes when you are feeling overwhelmed, that’s why this planner is here to guide you through it, to keep you going when you are wobbling and to help you take back some of that all important control and focus on you.


The IVF Positivity Planner is designed to help you feel calmer, more informed and more in control of what is happening to your body, meaning you are in a better state for coping through TTC and treatment.


£21.99 (plus £3 delivery)


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