"I'm nervous about coming on my own can I bring a friend?"

"Can I bring a friend"

We completely understand that it can be nerve wracking to come along on your own, so yes please do bring your friend with you. 

All that we ask is that they are female. 

"I can't run 5k can i still come along?"


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"I can't run 5K can I still come along?"

Yes you can, you do not need to be able to run 5K or run at all to join in, there will always be the option to run, walk or jog or a mixture of all three. You will never be made to go faster or be left behind. That is our promise to you. 

"why cant men come too?"


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"Why can't men come too?"

We understand that infertility and baby loss affects men too. We just felt to create a "space" where women felt most comfortable  this needed to be only for women at this point in time.

"I have only been ttc for little while"

"I have only been ttc for a little while?"

It doesn't matter, there's no set "time limit" to "qualify." 

If your path to parenthood isn't going as you'd thought then please come along & meet others who understand how it feels when all you want is to be a mum.

"I'm pregnant can I come to your events?" 

"I'm pregnant can I come along?"

Yes of course, we have many women who are pregnant who come along. We understand that pregnancy after loss/ infertility can be difficult and we are here for you. 

"Do I have to share my "story"?

"Do I have to share my story?"

No you don't, you can just come along and listen, you can just come along and eat cake or practice yoga etc. You will never be made to share anything (cake included!)

"How do I set up an event where I live?"

If you would like to set up an event where you live we would love to hear from you. 

Please send us an email and we can go from there. 

"can i bring my child with me" 


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"Can I bring my child with me?"

I'm afraid we do not allow children at our events. 

"Who can come to your events?"

Our events are open to any woman struggling to conceive (for what ever reason).  You can be going through IVF/ Fertility treatment (but you are welcome if you aren't).

Our events are also open to those who have experienced the loss of a baby (at any stage).Regardless of if you already have a child. You don't currently need to be ttc to join us. 

"This isn't a "club" any of us imagined finding ourselves in when we thought of having a family.
But if this is somewhere you do find yourself, then please know you are not alone & You will always be welcome here." 
Rainbow Running & Yoga Club