Welcome to the Rainbow Running & Yoga Club 

We are a community of women who have experienced baby loss or infertility. 


My name is Lucy and I created the Rainbow Running Club to help channel my grief  following my miscarriages and fertility struggles into something positive. 

I started running to help me feel better mentally and physically. When you experience a miscarriage or infertility it can leave your confidence in your body feeling at an all time low, but running helped me to feel like "me" again.


I didn't think I was the "type" of person who enjoyed exercise, I didn't understand when people spoke of endorphins and rushes of happiness after exercise until I started to run.


When I started I struggled to run for one minute but over time that slowly increased, the feeling of elation when I ran my first 5K was intoxicating! With in a week I had signed up to run a 5K, a 10K and my BIGGEST running challenge by far - a half marathon for the incredible Tommy's The baby Charity in March next year. This got me thinking if I could feel this good then I wanted to share this with others and thus the Rainbow Running club was formed! 

I am not a fitness coach/ professional trainer / health professional in any way shape or form but I am a mother and a woman who has felt the heartbreak of losing a much loved and longed for baby and the fertility struggles that followed. 

"My wish for the Rainbow Running Club is to reach as many women as possible so that no woman feels as though she is alone."

Together we are stronger

What can you expect from the Rainbow Running Club:

  • A chance to meet other women who "get you"

  • To take some time out to just be you

  • To help re build confidence in your body again

  • You don't need to be a "runner" - you can go at your own pace, you can walk, jog or run!

  • You don't even need to take part in the run, you can just join us for cake afterwards if you prefer

  • You can bring a friend/ family member for moral support - we just ask that you bring a female companion (sorry men it's nothing personal!)

  • It's completely free to join in - all you will need to pay for is your cake & refreshments afterwards 

  • You can wear whatever you like as long as you feel comfortable & are appropriately dressed for the weather! (as we will run even if it's raining - surely that means more cake!!)


Check out our Events page for details of our upcoming runs and join our Rainbow Running Club Tribe.

We hope to see you soon.

Lucy x

- Please note all running/ exercising/ cake eating is done so at your own risk.

Rainbow Running Club isn't a business or charity its just a group of like minded women getting together- 

Rainbow Running & Yoga Club is a community of women who have experienced baby loss and or infertility, who meet across the country for a run, a walk, a jog (or a mixture of all three) or for an hour of restorative yoga and then enjoy some delicious cake! 

This isn't a club that any of us imagined finding ourselves in when we thought of having a family, but if it is somewhere you find yourself, then please know that you are not alone.

The purpose of the Rainbow Running & Yoga Club is to create a group where we can share our stories, where we can support each other, help to re build our confidence and where we can help to break to silence surrounding baby loss and infertility. 

One of the issues we face when traveling down this path is that you can often feel very isolated as people often don't talk about or share their experiences, so we more often than not feel we are the only one. When in truth we are far from alone. 

Sadly 1 in 4 women lose a baby during pregnancy and birth - (and these are only the recorded figures it is most probably much higher).

Fertility problems are estimated to affect one in six couples within the UK.

Welcome to the Rainbow Running & Yoga Club

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